Become a Dealer - Custom Feet Insoles

Who we are?

We are a wholesale company located in Florida,
specialized in custom heat moldable orthotic insoles.
We supply a full business concept that includes
equipment, training, and marketing support.

Custom Feet a solid business concept

This concept was developed as a solid business
with a short- term ROI, Custom Feet Insoles can
be installed at shopping centers, trade shows,
clinics, shoe stores, and wellness center.

Our mission

Is to change the foot industry and create technology,
innovation, comfort and relief to make a
better way of living.

Become a Dealer

How to mold

Custom Feet Insoles

Find the arch type

By standing at the podoscope you can check the pressure points and the arch type; flat foot, low arch, normal arch and high arch.

Find the foot alignment

The software allows checking the foot alignment; pronation or supination by taking photos of different positions of the foot.

Heat the insoles

Use the oven to heat the insoles until they become flexible and ready to mold.

Mold the insoles

The molding pillows are used to customize a perfect pair of insoles in just a few minutes.

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