Custom Orthotics better than Generic? - Custom Feet Insoles

Custom Orthotics better than Generic?

Custom Orthotics better than Generic?


When we are experiencing foot pain, many of us may think that the easiest way to deal with it is by buying over the counter insoles. We all can find insoles in many different different stores or pharmacies; but, if we want to solve this issue properly, it will always be better to opt for custom-made orthotics. Why are these the right option? Here are some of the benefits of custom orthotics:


They are custom-made for you!!


Between a general and tailor-made solution, you will always prefer the custom one, and it’s easy to see why. Custom products are always made to fit your needs and requirements. They are designed for your anatomy and requirements. When speaking about insoles, custom ones will help you correct any foot abnormalities that may be causing discomfort or pain. Everybody will always have different needs, not only for your feet, but for your overall self.

"Different needs", that's the main reason why going for custom made is the right choice as some people may have supination but on the other side, others deal with pronation, or flat feet. Generic insoles won't be customized to specifically help one issue as they are design to provide general support. You will feel better for a couple of days, but eventually will end up buying over and over again because the pain keeps coming back to you as it isn't being attacked where you need it to be.


Improve comfort

You will feel optimized comfort, as discussed before; it isn't the same to get general support rather than customized support that will hug your feet for better experience. They are crafted to fit your own foot’s structure. And since no two feet are identical when it comes to their structure, general insoles won’t always deliver the results you want. These custom orthotics are made via recreating a 3D model of the foot, and then designing the insole accordingly so it delivers the ultimate fit.

Higher quality

By the fact that they are customized, they will be made by higher quality of fabrics and materials because it will require to be more manipulated, and sometimes molded in high temperatures. Their endurance will ensure they last for a very long time. The materials used deliver the right fit, while also retaining the quality you always wanted. That’s what truly makes them stand out and the outcome can be very good.

They can be designed for specific activities

Yes, custom orthotics can be fully focused on specific activities. Maybe you want better foot support for a marathon, or you like doing short distance sprints and want to alleviate foot pressure/pain. Custom orthotics can be fully designed specifically for those tasks, and results can be great.

As you can see, custom orthotics are a much better option, they provide a very good experience and the best part is that they last for a longer timespan. Add to that the fact that they increase comfort and help you stay away from severe pain, and you can see why going the custom orthotics route is the much better option!


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