Corporate Gift

Corporate Gift

Have you noticed how people work under pain?
Having a pain during work affect the daily tasks of your workers.
The pain can come from standing and heavy lifting or just spending
hours seating, and this it may result in tiredness and laziness,
influencing your employees productivity.
Do you want to improve the work performance of your team?
Custom Feet offers the best custom made insoles in the spot,
in less than 10 min per person, providing a boost of energy, support,
balance and comfort on a daily basis.

A smart way to show your appreciation

It is such an easy process!
If you are looking for a unique gift, you can placed an order for your employees, and within two days, their professional staff will be on site to provide individual examinations and create custom insoles for your whole team ON THE SPOT.
In just 10 minutes, every person will be wearing insoles and you will be amazed to see them get back to work with such an elevated sense of pride and confidence.

The Process

  • Make an appointment – After you get your free quotation, make an appointment that works better for you and do NOT interfere with your employees activities. Set the date, we will need the total of employees to be custom made.
  • Custom Feet Team will come to you – Depending on the number of employee to be treated, our team could be integrated by 2, 4 or 6 people, with the respective equipment to make the process faster and accurate.
  • Molding the Insoles – It will take 10 min more or less with each employee, the foot scan will clear all doubts regarding their feet and some other ailments they could been experiencing.
  • Done! –  Your staff will walk away with a new custom-made insoles. The entire process is fast, easy, affordable, and satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Whether you need to quote the perfect gift or need to set an appointment , our team members will get your information and call you back.

With us, you can show your appreciation with a pair of custom insoles, helping your staff to relieve pain or prevent injuries.

 Whether you’re a large or small company, your order is important to us, our staff are ready to help you.