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Become a Dealer

We are a wholesale company specialized in custom heat moldable orthotic insoles. We supply a full business concept including a Podoscope, the Custom Feet Insoles software, oven, molding pillows, our insoles and foot accessories.

This concept was design to bring benefit to both parties, retailers, Doctors and customers or patients, so you can create or complement your own business, the insoles can be sold at shopping centers (carts and kiosks), shows, clinics and shoe stores.


Custom Feet Podoscope

The podoscope shows the foot pressure under the LED lights easy to detect the customer foot type (flat foot, low arch, normal arch or high arch).

The built-in camera its connected to the Custom Feet Insoles program on the computer and check the foot degree of deviation.

Custom Feet Oven

Our oven technology is optimized for in-store customization, the insoles are ready to mold in 3 minutes with timer.

Custom Feet Software

Our program let you check the foot alignment by taking 6 photos in different positions and compare them to identify misalignment and deviations (pronation or supination) and the areas that could require additional support.

Custom Feet Molding Pillows

It might look simple but our molding pillows technology brings you comfort while molding, providing an accurate shaping of the heel and arch, by using the hand to mold in the arch area and the patient’s foot pressure.

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